Best U.S. Cities To Buy Real Estate And Homes

Eager to know the leading cites in America where one can safely invest? Here are the greatest real estate markets in the entire country according to a recent report from Company Magazine. The magazine lists the top ten cities that are perfect to get a house. These are – Panama City and Vero Beach in Florida, Bridgeport in Connecticut, Lakeland in Florida, McAllen in Texas, San Luis Obispo in California, Wilmington in North Carolina, Manchester in New Hampshire, Fort Collins in Colorado and Atlanta in Georgia. The report cites the appreciation rates of home costs projected over a period of five years.

Florida enjoys the status of having 3 of the leading four cities to invest in. Panama City, which tops the list of greatest places to acquire real estate is expected to have a real estate appreciation of 72% over the next five years. Main real estate development projects such as the constructing of a new airport and low property prices are expected to increase the economy and the housing marketplace.

Vero Beach, projected to have an appreciation of 64%, comes second for its superb weather, low property taxes and a lower cost of living. Lakeland, with a 59% projected gain in residence costs is a tempting option with houses selling for a fifth much less than the national median cost.

Acquiring a property in Bridgeport, CT is a bargain now with median home prices at a extremely low ,000 compared to the rest of the Fairfield County. Residence costs in McAllen, TX which holds the fifth location, are expected to soar by 57%.

It is estimated that houses in the McAllen, TX region may appreciate 57 percent with an improve in the median residence cost from ,000 to 9,000.

Homeowners producing an investment in San Luis Obispo, California, right now, are expected to get a very good appreciation (40%) on their houses over the next five years.

The median property cost in Wilmington, NC is expected to increase to 7,000 by 2011, up from the present price of 7,000, an boost by 37%.

Manchester, NH, which has twice been rated as the ‘best place to live’ in America by Money Magazine, sits at eighth place with an expected appreciation of 35%.

Fort Collins and Atlanta follow in the ninth and tenth locations of leading cities for real estate investment in the USA. Fort Collins, 1 of the most common cities in America, has been ranked as the ‘No.1 little city’ this year by Cash Magazine. Recent price reductions in the housing market makes ‘now’ the very best time to buy a residence or condo in this city with an estimated property appreciation of 28%. Atlanta is poised for a significant appreciation too with an expected rise of up to 24% in house prices over the next five years.

So, if you are a prospective homebuyer set to take a plunge into any of the leading ten real estate markets, it is the right time to enlist the services of a great real estate agent who can guide you via the complicated residence acquiring procedure.