The Three C’s To Selling Your Home

First, in order to have buyers perceive your home as having “curb appeal”, you need to look at your property objectively and creatively (as a buyer would) before you begin this project. Your ultimate goal is to improve the appearance and appeal of your property, have those buyers saying “WOW”

Walk to the front of your house with a pen and paper, position yourself where buyers would first see your home. Ask yourself, what looks good? What looks bad? Make sure your checklist includes the following: Yard-Debris, Litter, Hoses, Garbage cans, Fences tidy. Lawn-Mow, rake, edge, weed & feed. Planting area- Mulch, Water, Weed/Trim, Flowers/Pots. Trees/Shrubs- Prune, Water. Entry Area/Walks- Unclutter, Sweep/Wash, Touch-up paint, Lights work, Doorbell works. Driveway- Clear of excess vehicles/objects, Room to park, Gravel/Concrete, fill holes, Garage doors, tidy appearance. After you’ve made this checklist, go down and mark the items that need attention. Beside each item write down words that indicate what you might do to make this area more appealing. Use this checklist as an organizational tool and a way to check your progress.

Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a nice yard! A yard that is neat, cheery and well-maintained is something that will appeal to a buyer. And believe me, buyers will notice! Also, the strategic use of color (small annual plantings, hanging baskets, etc) and form (careful pruning, accent items like decorative borders, trellises and shutters, etc.) can transform even a modest yard into a substantial asset.