For Sale by Owner

Realtors understand the desire for homeowners to sell their real estate without the assistance of a real estate agent. Homeowners tend to make this decision in order to save money and to keep their equity. Our goal is to present our clients with the information our home buyers and sellers need in order to purchase or sell a home. This goal is even directed towards homeowners who choose to sell their homes without assistance of a   real estate agent. The various necessities for selling a home require the knowledge necessary to providing the answers to the preliminary questions and following certain steps to sell the home. If home sellers needs help selling their homes at a later date, our   real estate company can provide assistance.

Preliminary Questions

The preliminary questions homeowners should have the answers to before attempting to sell their   homes are:

·Is the seller willing to pay the co-op fee to a home buyer’s broker?

Usually, the potential buyer does not pay the Realtor anything when purchasing a home. Normally, the seller pays the home buyer’s real estate agent. In order to add appeal to the purchase of a seller’s home, the seller should pay the home buyer’s realtor.

·Is the seller available during the day to take calls and schedule home showings?

When selling a home, there are many home viewings and phone calls throughout the day and into the evening. The seller must be available to schedule these home showings when it is convenient to the potential home buyer and the real estate agent. Without accessibility, the prospective home buyer may not consider the home.

·Will the seller allow buyers and other real estate agents to view the home while the seller is not present?

Sellers who allow prospective home buyers and their Realtors to view the home without being present create a more relaxing a comfortable viewing experience for the potential home buyer. If the seller must be available at the home showings, then it generates an undesirable situation for all parties involved. There will be less time for showings and a distressing environment for the potential buyer and the real estate agent who is attempting to contemplate the property.

·Is the seller able to verify that the potential home buyers calling to view the home are legit?

In order to attain the licensing information of the  realtors attempting to view the home, the seller can seek the information at the Colorado Real Estate Commission website.   real estate agents are ethically bound to treat the seller’s home with respect and consideration.

·Can the seller afford to wait a few extra months for the house to sell?

The sellers who attempt to sell their homes statistically spend more time selling their homes and they sell their homes for a lower amount than those who sell their homes with a real estate agent. When the seller endeavors to sell the home without a Realtor, there is a lower exposure to potential home buyers than the sellers who utilize the services of a real estate agent. Home buyers normally seek the assistance of a realtor, and they locate potential homes in the MLS system. Sellers who do not use a real estate agent do not have the access to the MLS system, therefore there are fewer prospective home buyers viewing the home.

·Does the seller have someone who can help with the contracts and the closing?

If the seller does not have the services of a real estate agent on hand, then the seller must have the proper representation such as a lawyer or title agent available to aid in the closing process. Sellers with Realtors have the advantage of the realtors arranging the contract and closing process for them.

Selling the Home

Once the sellers can provide the necessities of selling the homes without real estate representation, then they can move on to selling the home.

·Staging / Curb Appeal

The condition and appeal of the home is vital to establishing the quickness of the sale. Prospective home buyers may pass up a home if there is no attractiveness to the home. A stage consultant is great for staging excellent allure to the home.


The seller must market the home effectively in order to see the home. Possible venues for marketing a home include yard signs, newspapers, and the internet. A seller must allot for the expenses of marketing until the house is sold.


When establishing a price for the home, consider what the potential home buyer might be willing to pay. Sellers should compare their homes to other similar homes in the surrounding areas to get an idea of how much they can list their homes for.

·Seek Legal Representation

A seller can seek legal representation to protect the seller’s interests. The real estate agent assisting the home buyer will only attend to the needs of the buyer. Sellers must be knowledgeable of their interests.


Sellers must be prepared to show their homes to potential home buyers. Having a plan to make the home available will assist in the viewing process.

·Qualifying a Home Buyer

In order to qualify a home buyer, the seller should ask for a lender qualification letter. The seller will then be able to verify that the home buyer has the funds to pay for the home.

·Negotiating The Offer

Sellers must be able to negotiate home buyers’ offers when they the bids are under the listing price. Sellers should know the minimum acceptable bid, and they should understand that the home buyers’ real estate agents are trained negotiators who work only on behalf of the buyers.


When a home buyer is purchasing the seller’s home, the buyer must provide an inspection of the home. Any safety defects found in the home buy the inspector must be resolved by either the buyer or the seller. The fees for settling the faults in the home should be considered in the acceptable bid.

·Closing and Title Documents

The seller must have a title agent or a professional to assist the seller in the closing process. Representation is important to the closing and to completing the title documents.

Realtors have the capability and the training necessary to aid sellers in the sale of their   homes. Our   realtors are ready and willing to assist the sellers with their selling needs. Our   real estate agents can support all sellers including those who choose to sell their homes on their own.