What Causes A Roof To Leak?

There are a variety of ways a roof can leak. Some of the causes are due to normal wear and tear while other causes of a leaky roof can be traced back to the materials and installation. If you are suffering from a leaky roof, consider some of the common causes.

The most common type of damage to a roof that causes leaking is the age of the roof. Roofing materials are not made to last forever, especially in extreme weather conditions. The materials on the roof, whether wood or asphalt, can get brittle and begin to crack over time. This allows the material to move and no longer has the weather tight seal it should.

The other cause of a leaky roof due to normal wear and tear is the weather. High winds, driving rain, or other natural occurrences can cause a roof to leak no matter how old the materials are.

There are also some man-made causes to a leaking roof. The first cause to look for is any defects in the manufacturing of the materials. Sometimes materials that are not up to standards can slip through to the consumer. These defects can cause premature cracking in the shingles.

Flashings are another concern for a leaking roof. The flashing is an area of the roof where the line of shingles is interrupted, causing a seam. This is a vulnerable spot because water can easily leak through this area.

Design and installation of the roof are also considerations, particularly when a newer roof is leaking. The more elaborate a roof design is the more potential vulnerable areas will exist. Installation should also be considered as a possible cause. If the wrong material is used or an installer is working with too many layers of roofing material, leaks are more likely to occur.