Don’t count yourself out – there is help for mortgage delinquents

On Monday, Mortgage News Daily reported on something that I have often wondered about – how many people out there facing foreclosure really know that they can get help if they just actively seek it?

The news site conducted a study that found that only 57 percent of people who are in mortgage trouble knew they could call their lender and receive some sort of aid or counsel. In reality, no lender wants you to default, so it only makes sense that they do what they can to help you before you get to that point.

Lenders say that the trouble is getting the word out to borrowers. Borrowers wish that lenders would specifically state, in a mailer or on the internet, that they can offer help.

If you are having trouble paying your mortgage, then probably all you care about is getting some sort of help. So this is for you – call your lender and ask. The study said that some people assume that nothing can be done for them, but you never know until you call. Neither the lender or you likes to lose mon