It’s a great time to buy Real Estate

If the media feels like they have to constantly hit you over the head with how much home prices are dropping, I’ll keep hitting Utahans over the head with this information – you can get a great deal right now if you are a buyer.

You’ve heard it before, but consider this. A friend of mine just did a 15 year refinance for 4.75%! I’m not saying that if you went out today and refinanced that you would get that same rate, but rates are volatile right now. The point is that there are people out there right now who are closing on homes, getting great rates, and receiving all sorts of concessions from sellers. It’s happening every day in the Salt Lake City housing market.

If you are out looking at homes, you’ll want to know how long they’ve been on the market. Many sellers are begging for a buyer and whoever offers the most concessions, wins. Buyers can and should use that to their advantage.

So remember, be choosy, look at a lot of homes, and play hard-ball if you have to. It’s a great time to buy!