1031 Exchanges: An Investor’s Dream Come True!

Don’t Believe What You’ve Heard!
Despite what you may believe to be true, other than the
home you live in, you can exchange ANY kind of Investment
Real Estate in the United States for ANY other kind of
Investment Real Estate, anywhere in the United States!

It’s “Dirt for Dirt!”

You can exchange one for several, several for one, less
value for more value, more value for less value, and on,
and on . . . but exchanges must be used the right way,
with the knowledge and help from those with the
expertise. This is the way Real Estate Fortunes are
built, for yourself or for your family’s generations to

All You Need is the People With the Know-How!

Here’s where the experts come in! Call on us, at Honolulu
Real Estate. We have the experts to guide you through the
government-created exchange-maze, using intelligent
private-sector know-how. No one has access to a better
network of 1031 Exchange Expert-Facilitators, in the
United States!

Invest in Paradise, or Just Retire Here?

Feel free to contact us with your need to exchange any
investment-property in the United States, for any
investment-property (your future retirement home?) in
Honolulu or on Oahu. Contact us with problem-real estate,
on Oahu, or any real property Exchange problem, regarding
any real property in the United States. You’ll be