1 Yorkville Condo

1 Yorkville Condo

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We build condominiums that exemplify luxury, creativity and community.  According to our architect Rosario Varacalli, “1 Yorkville Condo will stand out from other projects in Toronto because of three things: preservation, porosity and changing perspectives.”

One Yorkville Condo Preservation
Yorkville has a rich history and it’s important to us that we respect heritage. We are preserving and restoring a collection of very refined Yorkville Village buildings that date back to the 1860s.

1 Yorkville Condo Porosity
We have always believed that buildings should be connected to the city and to the community, and this concept of porosity is reflected in many of our projects. 1 Yorkville will also be steps away from two subway lines and PATH.  We are also introducing a revitalized and redesigned walkway/laneway that will connect pedestrians to Yorkville.

1 Yorkville Condo Perspectives
Changing perspectives: literally and figuratively. For 1 Yorkville, Varacalli is introducing a groundbreaking, sculptural 3D wallpaper, which changes in light, shadow, colour, and perspective.  Meanwhile, 1 Yorkville itself will change your perspective on what it means to live in this celebrated neighbourhood, and in Toronto at large.

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