Great Condo investments coming to Toronto

You may have noticed that real estate is booming. Everyone is investing in condos because heck, who can afford a $1,200,0000 dollar property in Toronto now a days. Toronto’s real estate market has been rising steadily for the last 15 years and now there are more incentives to attract national and international buyers and investors.

With record low mortgage rates, many more people can afford and maintain a mortgage. This has huge benefits because you are basically using the banks money to make money.

Investment in condos is becoming a turn key business. Many developers are adding rental guarantees were they will rent out your unit for 3 years at the going market rate. Plus they have better deposit structures that allow you to deposit in a manner that is more suited to you and your bank account.

Now if you are looking for a great condo investment, I have four developments that will out perform the market and get you the best ROI in the coming years.

75 Esplanade development is being headed by Carter Private Equities and will be a 34 story building that will contain a lot of nice features. The building itself will be located on the southwest corner of Church Street and Esplanade. This project is in the pre construction phase and the developer is taking registration for units on a first come first service basis. Please visit for all details and to serve a unit today.

The next one on the list is The Form Condos by Tridel. As you may know Tridel is one of the top developers that have been in business for more than 100 years. Throughout the decades Tridel has a prove track record and you can easily notice this through their workmanship, quality and attention to detail. The Form Condos will be coming to Queen and Mccaul in downtown Toronto. If you would like more information on this project please visit

Moving right along to The Canary District Condos. This will be the third phase of the development, phase one and two were such a success the project was sold out in mere days. Please visit and get all the necessary details to acquire a unit today. Sales for this development will be starting May 1st. Please do not miss this opportunity, this will be one of the best developments in 2016.

Lastly but perhaps the most awe inspiring development is the Blue Diamond Condos. Camrost-Felcorp is building this amazing looking development which will feature condos and town homes. It is being built at 129 St Clair Avenue West in Toronto. Investors will be starting to rent out their units in 2018 when the building will be finished. A nice price range from $304,900 to over $840,900 will be offered with a total of 292 units. Check out today to reserve a perfect investment today.

Like is said Toronto real estate is booming and will continue to exceed all expectations. If you are serious and want a great investment take a peek into any of the condo developments mentioned above. You will not be sorry and you stand to make some money in the meantime.

Remember to get your mortgage pre-approved and your down payment ready. Developers are asking for the standard twenty percent down.



Minto Westside Condos coming to Front Street

When you are looking for new real estate, what question should you be asking yourself? The answer is simple, and it is one word. Location, location, location well that is three words but I think you catch my drift. Having a prime location for your new house or condo will have a huge effect on your life style and your investment for the future. Doesn’t matter which part of town you pick the west side or east side you have to determine which location will suit your needs.  Think about schools, outdoor programs, sports facilities, hospitals and parks, these can all be huge factors when you are making a decision where  you would potential like to purchase real estate. If you would like to live in the heart of the city in a very established community, you should check out At the moment they are in the registration phase and construction will be beginning mid 2015. Now is the perfect time to purchase a unit to save a lot of money and have a great choice of suites. Now a little bit about the Minto and why they choose to build condos in the westside of Toronto.

Minto is a very experienced and established builder, and with that they deliver amazing developments. And you know they will have superb quality and will be built on time. Many condos now a days are cheap looking with shady craftsmanship. You walk down the hallways and you can instantly tell the level of building expertise that was but into the project. Minto prides themselves on raising the quality level of all their buildings, that is why I am purchasing a unit here as well. I mean the location by itself warrants a purchase for future investment and a great return on investment.  Located at Bathurst and Front you will be situated at the gates of Toronto.  To one side the the beautiful skyline of the city, to the other Lake Ontario. What a perfect location to call home or perhaps just to rent or lease your condo to make some extra coin at the end of the month.

I know for a fact Minto Westside Condos will be a huge success especially for those who get in on this project very early. This development will sell out fast and you may be already too late once it is offered to the public. If you need any extra information please register today and receive a brochure for the real estate agent that will be overlooking the whole project.

Take a look at rendering provided by the builder.

Now Selling At

Realtors and the National Associatioon

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) may agree with the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) and other industry professionals – that commercial REALTORS should be allowed to sell Tenant in Common (TIC) securities and receive a commission. NAR has been negotiating with the SEC to determine a process by which real estate brokers can legally be paid commissions on TIC security deals. Under the SEC exemption, REALTORS, who are predominantly engaged in and have substantial experience in the commercial real estate market (see below), can offer TIC securities to all individuals; not just accredited investors, and receive referral fees from TIC broker sponsors. The SEC exemption further states that: · REALTORS must have an investor sign an agreement allowing the real estate broker to advise him/her on TIC deals being sold as securities. · The REALTOR cannot advertise TIC investments. · The securities broker dealer determines eligibility of the investor. · The seller discloses and pays the buyer’s broker a referral fee. · The REALTOR must show the buyer traditional real estate opportunities as well as TIC deals. · The REALTOR must also be familiar with commercial real estate investments.

Prior to the exemption, only real estate brokers who were registered as securities brokers with the SEC and real estate brokerage firms as securities broker-dealers were able to sell, and earn a referral, from TIC deals. Investors who like TIC deals are passive; they prefer the freedom of not having to deal with property management issues and tenant concerns. The SEC exemption application defines “substantial experience” to mean a commercial real estate professional who has received a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designation, or a designation from the Society of Industrial and Office REALTORS, or an Accredited Land Consultant designation from the REALTORS Land Institute.

Equivalent education and transaction experience can substitute for commercial real estate professionals who do not have any of those designations.

For example, a professional who has participated in at least five commercial real estate transactions having an aggregate value of at least $3 million in the prior five years, or at least 10 commercial real estate transactions having an aggregate value of at least $10 million in the prior 10 years, can sell, and an earn a referral, from a TIC deal. The TIC investment industry has grown exponentially since the issuance of Internal Revenue Service Procedure 2002-22 in March 2002. The sale of TIC interests in commercial properties has grown from $163 million in equity placements in 2002 to over $8 billion in 2007.

The SEC exemption will open a number of opportunities for new revenue. Be cautious, however, to only work with a TIC sponsor who understands the industry and one that has a successful track record. Increased real estate commerce, controlled cap rate compression, impressive occupancy rates and expanding job growth, are all indicators of a strong market for TIC investments. But, do you have access to that specific research? The relationships? The deals? You can!

Yorkdale Condo

There is a new project that will be in the real estate spot light this year, The Yorkdale Condo. With the real estate market in such a boom state, I would say it is a perfect time to purchase an income property. I mean the mortgage rates are so low you will be able to successfully manage a small property and turn a little profit at the end of each month.  Investing in property should come with planning and fully understanding a budget sheet.  Make sure you are able to acquire a pre approved mortgage and have at least twenty percentage to put down towards the initial mortgage.  This will save you on mortgage payments and save you thousands on insurance premiums.  So lets take a look into some of your investment properties that are available.

In today’s real estate market it is important to know exactly what you are getting.  Do some research about developers and their quality of work, this may make or save your investment in the future.  Lets talk about the project mentioned above.  The Yorkdale condo is being developed by  Metropia Urban Landscapes and Context, which at the moment is in the registration phase.  As an investor this should peek your interest because you will be able to purchase a unit at the absolute lowest price.  Pricing increases as units sell out, so the best time to buy is right at this moment in the pre construction phase!

The Yorkdale Condo will be a mid rise condo with a great mix of floor plans.  A stylish and sleek structure will have people taking a step back to enjoy this master piece. We have provided you with a link so you may register and receive floor plans and a price list.  You will also send you a R.S.V.P to get VIP incentives, but don’t delay this offer will expire at the end of the month.  Only serious investors will be entertained.

With a central location The Yorkdale Condo will be a 2 minute walk to the subway, and will have access to all major highways and public transportation.  Making this condo ideal for commuters on the go!  Lots of cool night life is to be found in the surrounding neighborhoods and you will have easy access to Yorkdale Mall, which will literally be right across the street from your unit.  Initial units will be starting at approximately $169,900, a very good price for this desirable area.



Real Estate and Flipping Houses

What’s involved with flipping houses?

There are a few key points that need to be known if you’re planning on flipping houses. The first is financing and money management. The whole idea behind house flipping is that at the end of the project, a profit will be made. If you’re spending more money on renovation, land and labor, then you are never going to see that profit. The age old rule of buy low and sell high applies here. The majority of people who flip houses buy their houses from foreclosures which helps to ensure that a lot of money is saved when buying the actual property. These houses are generally in pretty good condition and most will only need a few touch ups here and there before they’re ready to be put back on the marker

The second major factor when it comes to flipping houses is the restoration or renovation of the house itself. A lot of the times, this is the most costly part as the houses are generally bought fairly cheaply from foreclosure sites or from desperate sellers.A clear budget needs to be laid out to ensure that the minimum amount of money is spent on renovating and restoring the house. Materials and labor will be the biggest money sinks when flipping houses. To save the most amount of money possible, some people even decide to renovate the houses themselves, thereby eliminating all costs needed to hire a work force to do the work for you.

One of the best benefits of doing all the work yourself, besides saving a load of money, is that the risk of hiring a shoddy contractor is completely eliminated. If you do decide to hire a contractor, no matter what their profession, you should always ask for a list of references and if possible, a portfolio of their previous work to make sure that they aren’t going to leave you with any nasty surprises when you are flipping houses.

A few things to look out for when flipping houses

When you’re flipping houses, there are a few things that you should always be wary of. They include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Over pricing your work. You may think that all the work that you’ve put into the house is worth a couple of extra zeros on the end of the price tag, but by over pricing and over evaluating the work that you’ve put into renovating or restoring a house, you run the risk of not selling it at all
  • When flipping houses, it is important that you don’t skimp out on the important things in order to save a couple of dollars. While the cheaper materials may seem attractive while you’re restoring a house to flip, the chances of them causing you troubles down the line is increased.
  • And finally, while you’re flipping houses, make sure that have a clear time table set out before you start a major project. A time table as well as a brain map are great resources that can save loads of time and money simply be keeping you and your workers organized while flipping houses.

Art Shoppe Condos and the Real Estate Market

So the real estate market is on fire, and it seems the prices of real estate property is through the roof. So you may ask yourself when is the right time to buy, well analysts have been saying that the real estate market was already supposed to slump several times.  So of course you may want to buy when the market is down, but it hasn’t slumped in 15 years and sales are steadily increasing along with prices. So what are your options? You may want to look into pre construction homes and condos.  This is a great way to enter the real estate market with a little less pressure, knowing that you will have 2-4 years to save up some extra money for the final down payment to lower your mortgage.

Let me introduce to an exciting new condo project called The Art Shoppe Condos.  Coming to 2131 Yonge Street and is being developed by Freed and CD Capital.  This condo has a hype surrounding it and the media is speculating that it will be one of the hottest projects of the year.  The Art Shoppe Condos will be awe inspiring with a 22nd century design and a slew of amenities that you will be able to enjoy.  A perfect place for the new age commuter, residents will have access to a car share program that will include 3 car spaces.  A definite bonus for a person that needs a car once in a while and doesn’t have to worry about all the costs involved of owning a vehicle that they will rarely use in the city any ways.

The development will feature 2 towers, one will be 29 floors and the other will be 38.  The two towers will house approximately 700 units and parking for 500 cars. Being located in one of the coolest communities in Toronto you will enjoy some of the best things that the town has to offer.

Why not navigate to the official website at if you would like some extra information concerning The Art Shoppe Condos.  We have a platinum sales agent that will assist you with any of your needs.  Sign up today and receive pre construction incentives that could potential save you thousands. Now accepting serious buyers that have obtained a pre approved mortgage


Increase your home value

Increase Your Home’s Resale Value With An Outdoor Patio

An outdoor patio doesn’t only add functionality to a home, it adds value. Building a patio to your existing home you’ll be able to gather together with family and friends for many years while increasing your home’s resale value. This is the perfect idea for anyone that is interested in perking up their backyard.
It’s always nice to know that your home improvement project is going to pay off down the road when you are ready to put your house on the market. It’s hard to watch your hard-earned money disappear knowing that you’ll never see it back. Fortunately, this is not the case for adding a patio or fixing one up. A patio can be a major selling feature for a home.

Interlocked patios are the best for seeing a return on your money. They look rich and can be designed in contemporary or traditional styles. You’ll have the flexibility to choose the shape of your new patio and the stones. There are also various ways to lay the stones to bring out the most in the patio design.

Of course, you’ll want to add a lovely outdoor patio set to the whole ensemble. If you have chosen a newer modern style of patio you’re sure to find a contemporary set that will look great. Wicker furniture can blend in well here or metal sets with a sleek polished look.

On the other hand, if you have chosen to build or update your patio with a more traditional design, you may want to consider a wooden outdoor patio set to bring it all together. These wooden pieces can add a rustic look to your patio while bringing home a sense of tradition.

By adding a patio to your home you will be able to enjoy countless days and evenings relaxing in your back yard. You’ll also know that you have opened the door to any future real estate transactions on your home. A lot of prospective home buyers take a very close look at the backyard to figure out where they can set up their barbecue and sit down for a relaxing drink after a hard day at work. You’ll also be able to ask for a higher price for your home once you are ready to put it on the market.

Won’t you be able to enjoy your patio all the more knowing that it has increased your home’s value?

1031 Exchanges: An Investor’s Dream Come True!

Don’t Believe What You’ve Heard!
Despite what you may believe to be true, other than the
home you live in, you can exchange ANY kind of Investment
Real Estate in the United States for ANY other kind of
Investment Real Estate, anywhere in the United States!

It’s “Dirt for Dirt!”

You can exchange one for several, several for one, less
value for more value, more value for less value, and on,
and on . . . but exchanges must be used the right way,
with the knowledge and help from those with the
expertise. This is the way Real Estate Fortunes are
built, for yourself or for your family’s generations to

All You Need is the People With the Know-How!

Here’s where the experts come in! Call on us, at Honolulu
Real Estate. We have the experts to guide you through the
government-created exchange-maze, using intelligent
private-sector know-how. No one has access to a better
network of 1031 Exchange Expert-Facilitators, in the
United States!

Invest in Paradise, or Just Retire Here?

Feel free to contact us with your need to exchange any
investment-property in the United States, for any
investment-property (your future retirement home?) in
Honolulu or on Oahu. Contact us with problem-real estate,
on Oahu, or any real property Exchange problem, regarding
any real property in the United States. You’ll be

There is a lot of confusion between HAMP and HAFA

There is a lot of confusion between HAMP and HAFA. HAMP is the Home Affordable Modification Plan and HAMP is the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative program. Under one program (HAMP) you are trying to get a loan modification on your loan/s. Under the other program (HAFA) you are trying to find an alternative to a foreclosure by selling your home using the short sale process or giving your property back to the bank using a Deed in Lieu of foreclosure.

If you qualify under HAFA to sell your home and your lender is identified as subscribing to the HAFA program, you, as the borrower will be fully released from all liability for repayment of the loan.

Because, in any case, there could be significant tax and credit issues, it is always best to check with your attorney and tax adviser as to your personal situation.

Short Sale and Foreclosure Resource SFA

Having earned the CDPE designation was a great step in a quest to help homeowners facing foreclosure. Recently I added to that designation with the SFR which is the National Association of Realtors course with certification upon passing course materials and exams for those agents interested in working short sales. It stands for Short Sale Foreclosure Resource.

Sellers facing foreclosure deserve representation by knowledgeable agents. The vast majority of agents certainly want to do a good job for a seller in distress. Wanting to do a good job and having specialized training are distinctly different. The details, follow-up and timelines in the foreclosure process are very precise and require specialized training to insure the greatest possibility of success.

An agent would be much better advised to refer short sales to a verifiable short sale specialist, earn a referral and praise from their clients for their help than muddle through an unfamiliar process and possibly end up with less than a favorable result.

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